Film contour cuts

Whether in the form of packaging, a display or advertising material, they are used in lots of different areas. Precise contour cuts are essential to allow them to fulfil their function. We at Strehl offer you high-quality punching tools to produce clean, precise film contour cuts. Our punching tools are designed so that they can cut both simple and complex contours with maximum precision. Whether your designs have round, rectangular or irregular shapes, we have the right solution to cater for your needs.

We love taking on new challenges. The more complex the contour, the more motivated we are to succeed. We are always looking for innovative solutions and new technologies so we can offer our customers the best possible quality. We know that every customer has individual requirements. That’s why we offer you bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our experienced team will help you to select the right material and develop the optimum punching die. Quality and reliability are extremely important to us. We use the very latest production methods and high-quality materials to provide you with the very best punching tools. We always strive to optimise our processes in order to offer our customers a quick, hassle-free service. Challenge us and be impressed by our precision and quality. We look forward to working with you to find the perfect solution for your applications.

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